Origin Storage Inception MLC800 Series 128Gb UBLPMPJOB

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Inception MLC800 Series M.2 2280 SATA 128GB SSD Inception M.2 2280 Series FAST AND RELIABLE SOLID STATE DRIVES Introducing the latest addition to the Origin Storage MLC800 portfolio, the Inception M.2 Series of Internal SSD upgrades. The M.2 2280 solution is manufactured using the latest in SSD technology; on its lightweight PCB frame it combines a 15nm MLC NAND alongside a Phison S9/10 Controller to offer incredible performance that truly leaves traditional HDDs in the dark ages. With a 10x performance increase in data transfer and a huge reduction in boot time, upgrading to an Inception MLC800 SSD will grant new life to any system. KEY FEATURES: > Static and Dynamic Wear Levelling > TRIM > Over-provisioning > Bad Block Management

Origin Storage Inception MLC800 Series 128Gb UBLPMPJOB

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